SchoolTool Account Information

When entering an email address, please use a unique email specifically for your use. An email address in SchoolTool can only be assigned to one person, and cannot be shared by a parent and a student.

Create a Student Account

Students your email must be different than your school email ending in

Click Here

Create a Parent/Guardian Account

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Log-in Instructions

  • Click this link:

  • Login to SchoolTool using your email address as your username and the password that was emailed to you.

  • Once you have logged in, you may use the "Accounts" tab at any time to change your password.

  • After you log in, you will see your student’s names listed. Click on to select the student. You will see the following tabs: Contacts, Schedule, Attendance, & Assignments. 

  • Parents, if you would like to make any changes to the student’s address, phone number, or contact information, please email

  • The Schedule tab displays the student’s schedule. You may use the Send Email button to email any teacher.

  • The Attendance tab shows a summary of the student’s absences for the current school year. (Missed Course Attendance & All Course Attendance will be displayed for students in grades 7-12 only.) 

    • Daily Attendance displays all daily absences including early dismissals & late arrivals.

      • All Course Attendance displays all class absences including daily absences. 

      • Missed Course Attendance displays all periods that the student was marked absent from class by a teacher. 

  • The Grades tab displays grades in each class based on the selected view.

    • Marking Period Average will display the current gradebook average for each class. 

      • Marking Period Grades will display the Report Card averages for each quarter after the grades have been published. 

      • Progress Report Grades will display the 5-week Progress Report averages for each quarter after the grades have been published. When grades are not available the grade column will display NONE. 

  • The Assignments tab displays all assignments for the current year. This list may be sorted by clicking on any column header.

  • For technical assistance, please contact us via email –