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Parents, please be aware, new State Requirements for next year.

2023-2024 Immunization Requirements 

Parents: Flu season has started! Please take time to read the Flu Guide from the NYS Department of Health.

There has been an update to our snack/food procedures at the elementary school level. Please click on the link below to see a resource page of what is acceptable to bring in to the elementary schools for snack.

Food Allergies

Attention Parents/Guardians: Due to a dramatic increase in possible life threatening food allergies, all home baked and unpackaged foods will be prohibited in the Elementary Schools. This must be strictly adhered to in order to keep our students safe. For special celebrations (holidays/birthdays) in class, teachers will send home notices with a list of specific foods that will be allowed in the classroom.

For these celebrations peanut free, store packaged, labeled products such as cupcakes and cookies are allowed. Only products with peanut free manufacturer’s sticker, on the packaging, will be allowed in the school buildings. Please refer to the sample images at the bottom of this page. This does not apply to food students bring in for lunch from home.

Avoid snacks that contain peanuts, peanut flour, peanut oil, or peanut butter or other nuts. This includes snacks with almonds, coconuts, filberts, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nut, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts.

Read labels carefully to make sure the products are nut free. This includes labels that read, “May contain traces of peanuts/nuts” or “processed in a facility that processes products that contain peanuts/nuts.”

Food labels and ingredients change over time, so always read the label each time before purchasing snacks.

Include the packaging of your treat when you send it to the classroom, so that the label may be rechecked if there are any questions. Thank you for your consideration and support in keeping the food-allergic child safe from having a life threatening allergic reaction at school.

Peanut Free/Tree Nut Snack List

Fruits and Vegetables

  • Any fresh fruit or vegetable

  • Applesauce cups

  • Raisin, Craisins, and other dried fruits

  • Vegetable dips


  • Yogurt in individual cups or tubes

  • Pudding in individual cups, cans or tubes

  • String cheese or other cheeses

  • Cottage cheese


  • Cheerios – Plain

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  • Corn Flakes

  • Kix

  • Crispix

  • Wheaties

  • Frosted Mini-Wheats

  • Kashi (Go Lean Crunch, Good Friends, Cinnamon Raisin, Heart to Heart)


  • Triscuits, Wheat Thins, Vegetable Thins

  • Cheez-Its, Cheese Nips, Better Cheddars

  • Saltines, Oyster Crackers

  • Wheatables, Air Crisps, Munch’ems

  • Goldfish Crackers

  • Graham crackers, Graham cracker sticks

  • Teddy Grahams

Other Snack Items

  • Popcorn

  • Pretzels

  • Nutrigrain cereal bars/yogurt bars

  • Special K Snack Bites

  • Fig Newtons (all flavors)

  • Kellogg’s brand Rice Krispie Treats (original)

  • Sun Chips

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“To Immunize or Not to Immunize, that is the question.”

For some families the decision to immunize their children has become controversial since the 1998 Lancet Journal published the article linking MMR Vaccine with Autism.


What is the flu?


Sometimes it can be difficult for a parent to decide whether to send children to school when they wake up with early symptoms of an illness or complaints that they do not feel well.


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