2024 Capital Improvement Project

Something for Everyone, with NO Increase in School Taxes

On Jan. 23, 2024, Ogdensburg City School District residents have the opportunity to build for the future of this community – without increasing the school tax levy.

The OCSD can complete a $65.5 million capital project at no increased cost to property owners and residents. The district would use up to $4 million from the capital reserve fund and $360,000 from EXCEL Aid. In addition to these funds, New York State would reimburse 98 percent of the district’s spending on this project.

The district’s current facilities were built by past generations who decided to provide us the infrastructure our teachers and students need. Now, we have the opportunity to make an important decision that can benefit generations to come.

Make a plan and vote.

Thank you,

Kevin Kendall, Superintendent of Schools

Board of Education

Ronald N. Johnson, Board President

Craig A. Lalonde, Board Vice President

Renee C. Grizzuto

Pamela J. Luckie

Angela D. McRoberts

Michael C. Myers

Vicky M. Peo

Connor G. Sutton

Elizabeth E. Testani

At Ogdensburg Free Academy:

These academic spaces would be renovated and optimized for student learning:

  • Robotics Classroom/Lab

  • Home and Careers Classroom/Lab/Kitchen

  • CREATE Program

  • Drafting Room

  • Wood Shop

  • Metal Shop

These athletic sites and seating areas would be renovated and/or upgraded:

  • Main Gym Floor

  • Bleachers

  • Baseball Outfield

  • Soccer Field Bleachers

  • Swimming Pool

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OFA Overall Site Plan

Request for Proposal, Construction Management Services

At the Golden Dome:

These elements of the Dome’s exterior and interior would be renovated and/or upgraded:

  • Main Roof

  • Hockey and Football Locker Rooms

  • Boards Surrounding the Ice Rink

  • Restrooms

  • Dehumidification System

  • Temperature Controls

  • Plumbing System and Water Quality

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Roof Plan

At John F. Kennedy Elementary:

The project would increase student safety and reduce traffic congestion on Jersey Avenue with a new drive and parking lot. Other improvements include:

  • New Playground Surfaces

  • Roof Replacement

  • New Domestic Water System

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JFK Overall Site Plan

At Grant C. Madill Elementary:

The project would include a new band room with space for 50 students, acoustic paneling, and an instrument-cleaning station. Other improvements include:

  • Relocating the Playground

  • Improving the Front Parking Lot

  • Upgrading the Stage for Student Performances

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Madill Overall Site Plan

Construction of a new Transportation Facility

As part of this project, the district would purchase land where we would build a new 7,680 square foot transportation facility. This building would include office space and technology that would help district staff more efficiently manage the transportation needs of our students. It would also serve as a hub for fueling, snow removal, maintaining the district’s school buses, and other transportation issues.

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Transport Hub Proposed Site Plan