Help Desk

For IT support please continue to email for Phones, computer or printer related issues etc.

Maintenance/Custodial support for lighting, furniture, heating etc.
Please click the applicable link below and fill in the form:

JFK K-2 Maintenance Request

JFK 3-6 Maintenance Request

Madill-Maintenance Request

Middle School Staff Maintenance Request

High School Staff Maintenance Request
 *Please note all requests will be copied to the respective administration for each area and upon that approval the work will be queued for action. 

Requesting IT Technical Support- email
Requesting help has just been made easier - no forms to fill-in or logins to remember. It is as easy as sending an email.

To generate a helpdesk ticket simply email
Please  include your building and room number so we can find you easily, this greatly helps our new IT team members as well as the veteran techs too!  
Your email will automatically be converted into a helpdesk ticket and all members of the IT staff team will be notified of your request for assistance.
The district typically has 1 or 2 IT staff members covering the 3 districts buildings on any given day.

Your IT staff members are Barry Kiah, Pat Keenan, and Patti Morrow. We can also be reached at x31909

Thank you and have a good day!