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ahlete of Distinction

The Athlete of Distinction is a Section 10 sponsored award, rather than a New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NSYPHSAA) award, that recognizes the qualities of what it means to be a true student-athlete. Based upon the criteria, only a select group of student-athletes in our Section are considered for this unique athletic and academic achievement. This “high level” award of excellence acknowledges the long-term academic and athletic excellence of our varsity Senior student-athletes who have maintained a cumulative average of 90 or better, over the course of a minimum of 3 years, in any sport.


The NYSPHSAA Scholar-Athlete is a NYS Public High School Athletic Association (NSYPHSA) award which is given at the end of each sports season to honor those teams and individuals who excel in the classroom. These student-athletes, teams and schools work very hard throughout the year and deserve to be recognized for their academic success. To receive NYSPHSAA Scholar-Athlete team recognition with a certificate, the team’s average GPA, for 75% of the roster, must be greater than or equal to 90.00. This means you take 75% of your roster and then average their GPAs. Any GPA can be included, but if it is below a 90, they will not receive a pin. If a team DOES NOT meet the Scholar-Athlete Team Criteria, the individuals on that team with a 90.00 or above GPA are still eligible to receive a pin and will be considered an Individual Scholar-Athlete.

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Director of Athletics
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