Board of Education

Meet our Board of Education

2022-2023 Ogdensburg City School District

Thank you for your dedicated service to the Ogdensburg City School District!

Mr. Ronald Johnson- Board of Education President

Mr. Ronald Johnson- President

Mr. Craig Lalonde

Mr. Craig Lalonde-
Vice President

Mrs. Renee Grizzuto

Mrs. Renee`Grizzuto

Ms. Luckie

Ms. Pamela Luckie

Mrs. McRoberts

Mrs. Angela D. McRoberts

Mr. Myers

Mr. Michael C. Myers

Mrs. Peo

Mrs. Vicky May Peo

Mr. Sutton

Mr. Connor G. Sutton

Mrs. Testani

Mrs. Elizabeth E. Testani

All Board of Education Meetings begin at 6:00 pm in OFA Cafeteria B

2022-2023 Board of Education Calendar

Adopted by the Ogdensburg City School District Board of Education on July 5, 2022 Subject to Change
*All Optional Meetings will not be held unless otherwise advised.

July 5

Organizational Meeting: Regular Meeting

August 1

Optional Meeting

August 22

Regular Meeting

September 5

Optional Meeting

September 19

Regular Meeting

October 3

Optional Meeting

October 17

Regular Meeting

November 7

Optional Meeting

November 16

Regular Meeting

November 21

Regular Meeting

December 5

Optional Meeting

December 19

Regular Meeting

January 2

Optional Meeting

January 17

Regular Meeting (Tax Collector's Report)

February 6

Optional Meeting

February 27

Regular Meeting

March 6

Optional Meeting

March 20

Regular Meeting

April 3

Regular Meeting

April 18

Regular Meeting (BOCES Annual Budget Vote & Election)

May 1

Regular Meeting (Public Budget Hearing)

May 17

7:30 pm Regular Meeting, 8:00 pm Canvass of the Vote

June 5

Optional Meeting

June 19

Public Hearing

Code of Conduct

District-Wide Safety Plan

Regular Meeting