Ms. Meagan Kirchoff



Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Secondary ELA Education MS in Secondary Special Education

Ms. Meagan Kirchoff

Welcome students and parents to my webpage! I am excited to be working with you all this year. 8th graders, this marks your last year of middle school and 12th graders, you will be finishing high school and shortly beginning either college or a job/career of your choice. How exciting!! I am looking forward to getting to know each one of you this year and I am sure we will accomplish much together. Now, you are all probably wondering what kind of teacher I am and what to expect from me. The expectations will be outlined more clearly on the syllabus that you'll recieve on the first day of school but as for who I am, read below as I answer some of the questions you must be thinking :)


1) Who IS this teacher?

My name is Ms. Kirchoff and this will be my second year teaching but my first here at OFA. I taught Special Ed last year at Massena Central High School but prior to teaching here, up North, I was a Substitute Teacher for three years back home in East Syracuse. I completed my undergrad at SUNY Potsdam and earned my Masters at LeMoyne College. I love to read novels and comics both, play video games, and watch my favorite shows on Netflix in my spare time.


2) What do I need to be Successful in your class?

This will all be explained on the syllabus, but in short:

Be Prepared! Always come to class with at least a pen/pencil, your binder, any work due, readiness to participate, and an independent reading book (If you don't have one, I have plenty in my classroom for you to borrow, just check in with me first before taking one)

Be Punctual! The only way we are all going to be able to learn and complete what needs to be done each day is if everyone shows up on time. I make sure to be in class, ready for you so I expect the same from you. If not, I need to see a signed pass from another teacher excusing your tardiness

Be Respectful and Open-minded of All! Besides respecting me as your teacher, I expect for you to extend the same level of respect for your peers and the material we will be reading. You do not have to agree with everything or like everyone in class, but you do have to respect different perspectives and your peers rights' to their opinions.


3) What Materials do I need?

-A 1 or 1.5 inch binder to contain notes, paperwork, vocab, and book/test review for each unit

-Number 2 Pencils for tests that take scan-trons

-Black or Blue pens for writing essays with

- Loose Leaf Paper 

- A Composition notebook for quick-writes and bellringers

- Sticky notes for annotations/sticky notes for important page reminders while reading in class


USB drive to back up your typed work

Cell-Phone- There may be lessons and activities where I will allow the use of a cellphone or tablet, but only after I let you know the day before. Otherwise, It goes in the cell phone pockets on the wall


4) What can you expect of me, your teacher?

I will always come prepared, ready to teach and I will teach with fairness and respect to all of you! I will also be willing to admit my mistakes. If you catch one while I'm teaching, feel free to let me know! You can expect the classroom to be a safe space for everyone. Everyone's backgrounds, abilities, interests, and ideas are welcome as long as they do not attack anyone else's. If you have a question, you do not need to be afraid to ask. If you have a suggestion, feel free to share. I am flexible within reason. I want us all to be able to collaborate and have open discussion in class.


5) What should you do when you enter room 244?

You should enter quietly, find and take your seat, take out all required materials, and follow any instructions given, ready to begin. We only have 40 minutes together in a period and I want us to make the most of them


6) What should I do if I'm absent?

Absent work will always be either put into a folder labeled with your class period and placed in a bin next to my desk, or uploaded online in Google Classroom. I will let you know if your class has a Google Classroom page in the first week of school, at which point you will be given the classroom code to join. Just because you are absent, it does not excuse you from the responsibility of catching up. I try not to assign too much homework but it will still be on you to collect any materials or resources that you missed. You get one day for every day you are absent to make up the work. After a week, if the reason is medical, we will work on a plan to get the work done together. Otherwise, if you do not complete the work you missed, it is a 0 after the forgiveness period passes.

If there are any problems at all that are preventing you from completing the work, please come to me! I am not a mind reader but I am fair and willing to offer guidance as long as you are responsible and make an effort.


7) If I need to contact you outside class, how can I get a hold of you? 

If you have any questions or issues that you are afraid to speak up in class or simply forgot, you are free to see me after school in my room. If you need to conference with me and can't stay after school, we can agree to meet during lunch as long as you give me a heads up! Otherwise, you can reach out by emailing me at


Enjoy the rest of your Summer, and I will see your bright, shining faces on September 5th!