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OFA Online Registration/Sign-Ups

Online registration for the OFA 2021-2022 Winter Sports Season is now under way and will remain open until Tuesday, November 23.  Any student-athlete who wishes to participate in a Winter Sport is invited to sign-up/register on-line.   

Sport Program


Levels Offered


Basketball – Boys


Varsity, JV, Modified (8th) & Modified (7th)

Basketball – Girls


Varsity, JV, Modified (8th) & Modified (7th)

Competitive Cheer





Ice Hockey – Boys





Ice Hockey – Girls


Varsity (Merger w/Canton)


Indoor Track – Boys

Varsity & Modified


Indoor Track – Girls

Varsity & Modified




Varsity, JV, & Modified








If you decide to sign-up in person, Winter Sports Season Sign-ups will be conducted in the Health Office as follows:

October 12 – 15    Cheerleading (Varsity)                             

Wrestling (Varsity, Junior Varsity and Modified)October 18 – 22   

Basketball – Boys (Varsity, Junior Varsity and Modified)                             

Basketball – Girls (Varsity, Junior Varsity and Modified)                               

October 25 – 29    Hockey – Boys (Varsity)                             

Hockey – Girls (Varsity – Merger with Canton Central School)November 1-5      

Indoor Track & Field – Boys (Varsity and Modified)                             

Indoor Track & Field – Girls (Varsity and Modified)

November 8 – 10  Make-up Week (Monday – Wednesday Only)

Athletes may sign-up in the Health Office at the end of their Physical Education class, during a study hall/free period, or after school (whichever doesn’t interfere with their class schedule) or may register/sign-up online any time.



In order for a child to participate in OFA Interscholastic Athletics (including approved merger student-athletes), he/she must complete sign-ups via online registration.  Parents/Guardians will set up an online Family Account to electronically input student information, health information, insurance information, and complete required “Covid-19” and “Concussion” forms.  Below, you will find a link which will get you to the site, in order to start the process.

Once you get to the site, you will click on the Athletic Team Registration small icon with text 'Athletic Team Registration' icon to register for the desired activity.   

Each family will need to create a family account (click on “Create Family Account”).  Once you have a family account set up, you may proceed through the information.  Be certain to fill in any boxes where there is an * (which denotes that the information requested is required).  Please be advised that if a box with an * is left blank, the program will not let you continue to the next page.  Once finalized, please make sure to submit.  Once you have a family account, you do not have to create a new account for every other family member who wants to sign-up.  If more than one (1) of your children wishes to participate, you will simply add another “member”, to your family account. 

If you have any questions, please contact:

 Anthony E. Bjork, CAA

Assistant Principal (Grades 9-12) & Director of Athletics 

(315) 393-0900 x31997



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