Creating a Positive School Climate

School Climate is the attitude or collective mood of the people in the school particularly as it relates to their sense of safety and acceptance. Students learn best when they are in an environment in which they feel safe, supported, challenged, and accepted. A positive school climate is associated with positive child and youth development, effective risk-prevention and health-promotion efforts, student learning and academic achievement, increased student graduation rates, and teacher retention. 

According to Brooke Reid, Assistant Superintendent, “It’s all about forming relationships with students. Research shows how important having supportive relationships contributes to academic success.”  
What are we doing at OFA to create a positive school climate?
  • Implementing Positivity Project programming in classrooms and encouraging student to exhibit positive character traits.
  • Hosting staff and student assembly’s on up-to-date topics. For example, in November 2021 our school hosted Creating Inclusive School Environments – A presentation on gender and sexuality issues relevant to the public school setting. 
  • Holding book studies, such as our recently study focuses on Significant 72 (Greg Walcott), which focused on creating strong educational environments for ALL learners.